Выгребная яма, септик без откачки!

Биопрепараты для выгребной ямы, септика, уличного туалета, локальной канализаций

Bacteria Alligator™ help keep your septic tank system functioning properly

Microbiological cultures and enzymes eliminate odors, restore drainage and reduces sediment volume

Using Alligator septic tank treatment on a regular basis helps to keep your system in proper working order by breaking down the waste!

Feel the crucial difference:

Before using Alligator

After using Alligator


Application of biological products brand Alligator™ naturally allows:

  • eliminate odor in the cesspool, sump, septic tank system and the toilet for 5 days and to recycle (digest) all organic for 4 months; 
  • clean organic waste in the cesspool, sump, septic tank system and the toilet without using of vacuum truck; 
  • solve the problem of autonomous sewer in suburban gas stations; 
  • restore the natural drainage of water into the soil in drainage systems and absorption fields; 
  • remove organic buildup in the sewer pipes without damaging them; 
  • recycle animal dung, poultry manure on farms in slurry suitable for application as fertilizer
  • destroy the fat in the sewer network and grease traps in the food industry (meat processing plants, poultry, dairy, confectionery factories, breweries), hotels, restaurants, supermarkets; 
  • increase the level of purification at the waste water treatment plant; 
  • accelerate the composting of leaves, grass, kitchen waste; 
  • improve the standard of wastewater.


Alligator  is the first, most widely used for over 10 years in Ukraine, biological product for complete cleaning of local drainage, cesspool, sump, septic tank system and outdoor toilets at home and enterprise! The drug is efficient and reliable so successfully competes with similar products. It occupies a leading position in the rankings, has won government and public awards, receiving more and more recognition, both in Ukraine and abroad. It has the legal origin and is an example of science and quality of the goods. We do not sell filler! We sell the bacteria! For this, we do not need to use the drug dozens killogramm. Dose 0,7 lbs (20 grams) per month for up to 1500 gallons (5m³) volume septic tank. We guarantee each our customer to achieve results described on this web page! Our customers are people who deserve to live comfortably. We stand for an intelligent, honest, equitable and legal business. Alligator leaves no chance to dirt and odor.

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